Contingency Search.

American Career Search has a few unique offerings within this option:

  • Traditional Contingency: We offer an industry leading 120 day guarantee on all contingency searches. Our process is similar to a retained search strategy where we research, develop and target key talent on our clients behalf, but you only pay if you choose one of our candidates.
  • Exclusive Contingency: This search strategy is a partnership in which our level of engagement and offerings are normally seen in a retained search model. We invest the upfront capital and resources to ensure your search is priority and provide full weekly updates, competitive analysis, market trends and Leadership Assessment for all final candidates.
  • Multi Search Contingency: This is for the client that has numerous searches across different departments, locations or levels. We create a comprehensive recruiting strategy exclusive to your needs. We implement our “Rapid Recruiting Process” to improve the time to fill for these searches.

Engaged Search.

American Career Search has a few unique offerings with a twist:

  • Traditional Engaged: We offer an industry leading 180 day guarantee on all Engaged searches. Our process is directly aligned to a retained search strategy where we research, develop and target key talent on our clients behalf. The engagement cost is a portion of the total fee and no other fee is due until search is complete.
  • Multi Search Engaged: Our clients have loved this option! You pay a flat engagement fee upfront, then 2nd fee upon an agreed upon schedule and final fee is not paid until ALL placements have been successfully placed per the contract agreements. This assures our clients of our commitment and confidence in our ability to locate top talent.

Experts on Demand- Any Industry!

“Our Experts are your Expertise” is our slogan:

  • Our 25,000+ industry experts have an average of 28 years experience in their respective industries and ready to solve your problem or provide guidance.
  • You choose the best consultant that fits your needs not the one that is assigned to you! We provide multiple candidates with full profiles and you can interview via phone, in person on video interview through our new recruiting platform and choose the best for you!
  • We work within your budget and provide the best industry experts that are aligned with your role and negotiate with the consultant on your behalf.

***5x Better-Managed Search Program***

A Simply better Recruiting Strategy that has proven 5x more successful (By Invitation Only):

  • This Program was developed to implement our A.I. platform with our H.I. to greatly improve quality of candidate and time to fill!
  • Our Platform offers direct Hiring Manager access into our Recruiting Processes where we share full candidate overview, market data, strategies and all details.
  • Your Seasoned Account Manager will manage the entire Recruiting Project. Please use the Contact Us page if you would like to find out more.

Contract Staffing- Professional only.

American Career Search offers Contract Staffing for Professionals only:

  • We offer Contract Staffing for Professionals on a Hourly, Weekly, Project Based. These are traditionally degreed candidates that are open to roles while they are searching for full time employment. We provide payroll, insurance, workers compensation for each Contract Employee.
  • Outsourcing your current Team: We have successfully taken over the payroll and management burden for clients where they were able to scale quickly without having the overhead. We brought their current Engineering team under our Payroll with 100% retention while saving our client significant overhead and resources.

Recruitment Outsourcing- Annual Contracts.

The Resources and Expertise of a high successful Recruiting Firm without the per use fees?:

  • American Career Search can leverage our entire resources, technologies, expertise and platform for your entire Recruitment needs.