Our Experts are Your Expertise.

Our experts have an average of 28+ years in your industry

With ACS Industry Experts division, our clients have access to:

  • Top industry experts that actually have the experience and knowledge to solve your problems since they have been there themselves. This gives our clients the ability to hire Industry Experts with direct experience to solve the problems and provide true guidance and advice.
  • Access over 25,000 industry experts with over 28+ years on average as key contributors and experts in their industries and focus. They are available to work onsite or remotely.
  • Full capabilities to search profiles of screened, qualified and interested experts that are available when you need them.
  • Managed service and support from ACS Global, ensures that our clients are getting the right expert for their needs.

Why Choose ACS Industry Experts

Critical moments

American Career Search has 24 years providing expert talent to clients. We have an unparalleled knowledge and connection with the real industry experts and their successes and failures. Our Experts were not consultants, but were industry leaders and experts that actually developed and implemented the programs, plans, processes and strategies. They have been in situations that are unsolvable or insurmountable and found the solution.

Immediate ROI

Reduced overhead = Reduced cost to client

Too often, companies hire a consultant and pay well beyond the experience and service they are receiving. ACS has a simple cost plus model and provides industry experts based on clients needs while providing detailed cost proposals. We don’t believe a 3 year with an MBA and no industry experience warrants $250 per hour. We do believe that experience and successes should be aligned with cost however.

Industry Experts in Every Area

Engineering to Strategy Consultants

Our industry experts division has access to experts in every industry and every country. These experts range from Business Start up to Global Expansion and everywhere in-between.

Your needs are always met with an industry expert.

Competitive Intelligence

Get solutions from your competitors!

Have you ever wanted to speak with a direct competitor and ask them all their secrets of success and how they able to capture market, close that deal, become employer of choice, develop that product or simply solve day to day issues that keep arising?

Most of our industry experts are interested in keeping active in their respective fields since leaving the full time workforce. This gives our client’s a rare opportunity to learn from our experts and get a better understanding of the industry and competition in a safe and secure environment.

Assessment experts

Our assessment experts work with clients to accurately assess senior executive teams at these critical moments, providing the insights needed to ensure the right executives are in the right roles today and offering the developmental recommendations to make sure future leaders are prepared for the challenges ahead.