Any Industry, Location or Experience, We have a solution!

American Career Search, a division of ACS Global, Inc, is an “ISO 9001: 2008” certified company celebrating over 24 years and 1,800 placements. We offer unique solutions for your talent needs regardless of industry, location or level. Headquartered in Stowe, Vermont with satellite locations across the USA.

We are excited to continue to grow and offer our new recruiting strategies that have proven 5x more successful in bringing more aligned, interested, qualified candidates to your firm faster.

American Career Search, Inc has been ranked in the top 1% of all search firms for retention, time to fill, repeat clients and candidate placements. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and have exclusively grown by referrals for 24 years and are now excited to be able to support companies regardless of industry, size or location within the USA.


Our proprietary process has PROVEN 5X BETTER AT ATTRACTING BETTER, MORE ALIGNED, INTERESTED CANDIDATES FASTER resulting in higher performing employees.

• Human Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence: Our recruiting expertise accompanied with our proprietary A.I. gives us the ability to target EVERY potential candidate with up to 95% accuracy across ALL platforms!

• Research: We conduct in-depth research to include your specific needs, company culture and opportunity to ensure candidates are aligned from the beginning of the search.

• Comprehensive Market Reports: A complete and custom report of the competitive Candidate and Job market (Local, Regional, National), Difficulty of Hiring analysis, Salary Analysis and market trends on each search.

• Complete Strategy: We create a custom Timeline, Strategy, Deliverables, Branding, Messaging and full execution for each search to ensure your opportunity is being conveyed properly to the right candidates.

• Candidates: We target an average of 194 candidates based on the specific requirements set by you. WE PROVIDE CLIENTS WITH FULL LIST OF ALL TARGETED CANDIDATES ON EACH SEARCH.

• Rapid Response Recruiting: We make 5 different points of contact with EVERY targeted candidate within 96 hours of accepting any search and up to 12 points of contact within 21 days, which has led to a significant increase in candidate interest and reduction in time to fill.

• Interviewing: Our structured approach, behavioral based interviewing and assessment strategies have increased our client success to 93% on all searches.

• Full Disclosure: SEARCHES receive all communications, contacts and records of EVERY targeted candidate regardless of interest.

• 100% GUARANTEE: Our services are 100% guaranteed up to 180 days!