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Regardless if you are a Hiring Manager or Human Resources trying to find the right person for your company, American Career Search’s Recruiting Strategy accompanied with our 24 years of recruiting expertise can ensure your success in hiring the right candidate for your opportunity. We ensure that the candidate, job, location, salary, culture and skills are met for the candidate and the employer which has led to significantly lower turnover rates and 93% accuracy in our searches.

We are celebrating 24 years and have received numerous accolades within our industry for “Best in Class”, “Million Dollar Producer”, “Client Satisfaction”, “Most Innovative” and “Best Recruiters”.

Hiring Managers
Helping you recruit the best candidates for your business is our business. With a proprietary recruiting process that synthesizes our expertise, resources and technologies with your needs, we work together to identify strategies and solutions that boost your companies productivity. We recognize that every customer and every industry face different challenges. Our seasoned staff is strategic in nature, highly focused and create specific recruiting programs that are custom crafted to contribute to your specific business objectives.

We have had the pleasure of working successfully on thousands of searches within the last 20+ years under the American Career Search brand and are excited to leverage our resources and expertise for your benefit.

Our services for our clients far exceed sending candidates until you hire one that will work. Our process has proven 5X better than legacy recruiting with faster, better, more aligned candidates and is 100% GUARANTEED!