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American Career Search is celebrating 24 years of growth and success.

Our proven strategy Produces Better Candidates.

From critical Leadership searches under our TalentSelect to our i-Partner model where are embedded as part of your team.

Proven 5x better than legacy recruiting to bring better, more aligned, interested candidates Faster. Guaranteed.

For over 23 years we have specialized in difficult, complex and highly confidential searches across the US.

Our strategy is simple: Bring better, more aligned, qualified and interested candidates to our clients faster.

Our Talent-Select and iPartner program utilize our expertise, resources and incorporates our retained search strategies, but at the speed of our “rapid response recruiting” process.

Talent-Select focus is $90k to $280k salary ranges where key talent is crucial to a company, but traditionally lost in the legacy recruiting model.

i-Partner focus is for companies that have multiple searches or continuous need and want expertise across industries.

  • How our process has proven 5x better than internal and external models!
  • How we improved fill rates from from 30% to over 93%
  • How we can scale and support you when you need help.
  • How to get started using American Career Search 
  • How our project based pricing is much better and cost effective.  
  • The benefits of our Talent Select and i-Partner models
  • Why use contract recruiters when you can engage our entire firm and expertise
  • Why we offer full disclosure to include competitor directory, every targeted candidate and full market research.
  • How we reduce your time to fill by up to 83% 
  • How we reduce your need of using any agency in the future. 
  • How we were able to achieve a 79% response rate on all outreach for a client. 
  • How we are able to identify, target, engage and present candidates faster to our clients. 

If you have Roles open over 30 days, you need a better strategy!

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